Bullying Vs. Normal Conflict

At Mountain View, we love "Chester Raccoon and the Big, Bad Bully!"  We encourage students to talk to teachers and staff about their relationships with their peers. 

That being said, we also share and teach the differences between normal conflict and bullying.  Here are some of the areas we discuss when comparing and contrasting Bullying vs. Normal Conflict.  

We encourage to chat with your child about this VERY important topic as well!  You too can use "Chester!"

Bullying Behavior
Normal Conflict 
  • Often repeated
  • Purposeful (functional)
  • Can be serious threat of emotional or physical harm
  • Strong emotional reaction from target of behaviors
  • No remorse/blames target
  • Limited offers to solve problem


  •  Happens occasionally
  • Accidental
  • No serious emotional harm
  • Equal emotional reaction
  • Not trying to get something
  • Remorse/takes responsibility
  • Effort to resolve problem.