Welcome to Mountain View Elementary!

Mountain View has a rich tradition in being a learning environment with teachers and staff who are experts in the primary K-2nd Grade age group.  Our students are the heart of our community as we encourage them to grow and learn through experiencing new opportunities and ideas.  Throughout their time at Mountain View, students are encouraged to explore, create and think independently in a joyful and loving community.  Our staff is dedicated to fostering each child’s academic, social and emotional growth.  Relationships and personalized learning opportunities are at the heart of our school.  We celebrate students' individual strengths and interests as we challenge them to take risks and develop as leaders.   Mountain View welcomes you to our school community!

We specialize in and celebrate K-2 Education! 

We know that the time spent in grades K-2 is a significant period in a child’s development. Independence, initiative, decision making, creativity, the ability to learn, the ability to relate to others and feelings of self-worth all have their beginnings in this stage. Learning during these years will have a major impact on student’s  successful learning experiences in school, and in their lives outside of school.

During their time at Mountain View, students  will go through  rapid growth and development. Each student  comes to school  with unique experiences and we honor these differences as students make the significant transition from the home to the school environment.  Learning experiences at Mountain View build a foundation for later learning. Students’ early experiences in school help form their identities as learners.

At Mountain view we  focus on helping students to develop a solid base of literacy, numeracy and social skills that will provide a foundation for later success.  We engage students in rich learning experiences in which they develop understandings that both relate to and make connections across specific subject areas.