Specials Calendars

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How to read the Specials Calendar

1.  Look at the graphic above - figure out what "color" corresponds to your child's teacher.
  (e.g.  Kindie - Ham = PURPLE)

2.  Click on the Specials Calendar .pdf below.
**Please note 1 & 2 Grade's Specials Calendar
Kindie's Specials Calendar below!**

3.  If your child has a PURPLE teacher their special will be PURPLE for the given date. 
**make sure you have the correct month:)**

Check out this example:

Let's say your child's teacher corresponds to PURPLE
On the 7th your child would have World Culture (WC)
and on the 8th your child would have Art.


If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask your child's teacher :)