Daily Schedule

Little Cubs Daily Schedule


6:30-8:50- Arrival, Open Centers, Movement
9:00-9:15- Circle Time, Morning Annoucements

9:15-9:45- AM Recess

9:45-9:55- AM Snack

10:00-10:20- Specials

10:25-11:00- , Curriculum rotations

11:00-11:25- Lunch
11:30-12:00- Group Activity, Independent Work

12:00-1:15- Nap time

1:20-1:35- PM Snack

1:45-2:15- PM Recess

2:30-2:40- Movement

2:45-3:30- Curriculum Rotations

3:30-3:50-Science (M,F) Spanish (T,W) Social Studies (TH)

3:50-5:00- Open centers, Home
5:00-6:00- Teacher choice, Home



·    Library (Monday)

·    Art (Tuesday)

·    Karate (Wednesday)

·    World Cultures(Thursday)

·    Music (Friday)


We have recess every morning for 30 minutes and every afternoon for 30 minutes. Please make sure your child wears appropriate shoes everyday so they can run and play on the playground. Please apply sunscreen to your child in the morning before coming to school. We always reapply our program's sunscreen for afternoon recess.


Meals and snacks

Lunch from the cafeteria is included in your child's tuition. A monthly calendar with the entrees we will be served and activities we are participating will be posted in the classroom. Lunches include an entree, a fruit, a vegetable, and milk. Please pack your child 2-4 healthy nut-free snacks each day. We have morning and afternoon designated snack times.