World Cultures & Russian Language with Mrs. Bufton

Welcome to World Cultures and Russian Language!

My name is Kate Bufton, and this is my 2nd year teaching World Cultures and Russian Language and Mountain View, and I couldn't be more excited!  I am an Ohio native, and moved to Parker three years ago.  I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors of the Arts in Public Relations and Communications with a minor in Russian Language, Literature and History from American University in Washington, D.C.  And, then went on to earn my Masters of the Arts in International Diplomacy with an emphasis in International Conflict Management at Norwich University in Vermont.  I am currently working on my teaching license through the Douglas County Alternative Licensure Program!  In my free time, I love spending time with my family (my daughters are alumna of Mountain View!), hiking, backpacking, traveling and exploring.  

I love getting the opportunity to teach ALL the amazing students at Mountain View and am very excited about what the 18-19 school year will hold!  I love school and hope to share my passion for inquiry and exploration with you!  I can be reached any time at

What is happening in November & December??


We are working on the parts of the body in Russian!  We are taking that information and building on what we have previously learned - going from eyes to green eyes, etc.  It is really fun! Additionally, we are learning about Russian New Year - and Deyd Moroz (Grandfather Frost) and Snegorchka (The Snow Maiden), and how they help to bring good cheer to Russian New Year!  We have also compared and contrasted this Russian Holiday with our Holidays this time of year!

First Grade:

We are doing an in-depth study on Russian New Year, as well as Christmas traditions.  We were also about to get some Russian artifacts, such as the flag, money, wooden toys, music, books and jewelry (just to name a few!).  We are going to culminate our learning with a compare and contrast paragraph on what we have learned.

As well, Music, Art and World Cultures just finished a Folktale Performance.  In Music, students were asked to choose a folktale and adapt it musically. In Art, they designed the sets as well as some amazing books representing the folktales.  Here in World Cultures, we took the folktales they chose in music and compared them to folktales from Russia. Students ended up writing 4 PARAGRAPHS about each folktale and how they were the same and different!  The Specials and First Grade Teams also went to Ponderosa High School to see a folktale production of Senora Tortuga! What a great connection to our amazing feeder High School!

Second Grade:

We are just finished up a month & a half long project on learning the parts of the body and how to put our new vocabulary into full sentences!  I teamed up with our Creativity and Coding Teacher, Mrs. Tucker, to help the kids learn and use screencastify, so they could record themselves speaking Russian!  They did an AMAZING job! After they recorded they used a class-made rubric to grade themselves. After they gave themselves a grade, they met with me to discuss how I graded them and compare our two results.  What a great lesson in self-reporting and feedback!