Specials Teachers

Mountain View prides itself by including four 'specials content areas' which work in collaboration with each other, as well as the classroom teachers.  

Our four content areas include:  Visual Arts, Music & Movement, Physical Education and World Cultures and Russian Language.

Technology & Computer Science is also very important at Mountain View, but it is not considered a "special."  At Mountain View, we believe that teachers and students should have access to technology at any time, therefore there is a 1:1 iPad to student ratio for Kindies and First Graders and a 1:1 Chromebook ratio for Second Graders.  Additionally, Mountain View has a Technology, Coding and STEAM teacher to enhance the education of students and to assist classroom teachers, which allows technology use to soar in their classrooms.

Visual Arts

Taught by Ms. Lindsey Ott, Visual Arts at Mountain View isn't just a class it is a new adventure! When students come into art it is another day to grow, think, learn, explore, discuss, write and create. Your child will gain knowledge of different mediums and techniques (paint, clay, ink, printmaking and more). It is always an exciting experience to watch the children express themselves through the visual arts!! Ms. Ott looks forward working with Mountain View students and watch them develop new skills! 

On art days Ms. Ott expects students to do their best! Please remind students not to wear their favorite outfits on art days. Ms. Ott reminds all students to put on paint-shirts, but accidents may, and sometimes do happen!


Music and Movement


Taught by Kayla Smith, Music and Movement encompasses all music has to offer.  Students practice music skills thought singing, playing instruments and purposeful movement.  Students are not only learning music concepts but also how to listen thoughtfully, solve problems collaboratively and share and value each individual's ideas. 

Physical Education


Taught by Dan McCarter, Physical Education at Mountain View teaches competence in movement, emotional and social wellness, physical and personal wellness, prevention and risk management, and of course fun and sport!  Students in all grade levels learn a plethora of sports and games throughout the year, emphasizing teamwork, rule-following and sportsmanship.   

World Cultures & Russian Language


Taught by Kate Bufton, World Cultures takes students all over the world to experience food, song, storytelling and culture.  At Mountain View we want children to understand that there is a big world out there and to help them find their place within it.  We believe cultural diversity and understanding can play a big part in a child's social and emotional development as they grow and learn.  

Additionally, students learn Russian Language during this special.  Studies have shown that children between the ages of 5-8 have a higher propensity for language than in later years.  We start from day one with exposure to the language which allows the students to be more comfortable as they express themselves in class, both verbally and non-verbally.