"Mountain is one of my favorite..." by Kyla T, 2nd grade 

"Mountain View is one of my Favorites..."
by Kyla T.
2nd grade

Mountain View is one of my favorite schools.  I like Mountain View because Mountain View has nice teachers.  Second grade is one of my favorite grades there because we do an ABC countdown and we have a lot of fun.  I also like Mountain View because we have a fun run, do jump rope for heart and have a games day.  It is also fun because we have paw parties and kids earn paw cards.  P.E. is one of my favorite classes at Mountain View.  Kids make a lot of friends.  One of my favorite paw parties is electronic game  party day!  We get to also do clay in art and we get to do painting.  World cultures is one of my favorite specials because because we get to learn Russian and different states.

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