"My Day at Mountain View" by Jaxon H. 2nd Grade 

                                               My Day At Mountain View


                                              By: Jaxon H.

First, we do Super Skills. Super Skills are another form of doing math. We all do 2 pages and then we do jam and minutes. Jam and minutes are activities where 2nd graders go to different classes and lead in exercises.Then we go to specials. We have Art, P.E, World cultures and Music. Once we're done with specials, we go back to the classroom. In class, we start with writing and then we get to go to lunch. After lunch we go to recess, my favorite part of my day. After recess it's back to the classroom. In class we do literacy centers. Literacy centers are where kids are separated into groups and the centers are "read to self", "teacher table", "writing", "words their way" and "computers".  After literacy centers, we go out to 2nd recess. After 2nd recess we come in and do math. Once we finish math, we do PDL. PDL is where some kids go to different classrooms and others stay in our classroom and use computers. Then we pack up for the day and get ready to go home. That's my day at Mountain View.

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