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We challenged MVE students to write in a way they not normally be exposed - a BLOG!  Students were given a couple of constraints:

the topic had to be Mountain View,
their post had to be at least 6 sentences,
they had to delineate if it was fiction or non-fiction,
they had to complete the work on their own time,
had to meet a deadline!

The 2nd graders who post are all volunteers!  No matter their writing ability - they are challenging themselves both in a new creative arena as well as in time management.  1st graders who post were nominated by their teachers!  Check back each Friday (starting Friday Feb 16th, 2018) for our newest post.  You can also subscribe to our blog to get the new posts pushed to you automatically!  We hope you enjoy our STUDENT BLOG!

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May 2018 - Posts

A Typical Day at the Mountain View School for Dogs

By: Abbey R.

Hi everyone! I’m Abbey, a 7-year-old Husky. I go to Mountain View School for Dogs and I love it! A typical day begins with Ms. Rudy, my teacher, welcoming us to the classroom. She teaches us lots of tricks and ways to behave. I have lots of friends in my class! My best friends are Peanut, a black lab, and Lulu, a yellow lab. Everyone in the class gets along and are friends!

We go to PE in the morning. There, Mr. Bull and Mrs. Bull, English Bulldogs, teach us valuable exercises. We run and jump and play lots of fun games!

Then it is time to line up and head back to the classroom. We have work time and practice tricks! Then it’s time for lunch. After lunch we go to recess where we are free to run all over the playground! Sometimes I swing for the whole recess! Other times I play soccer. I like swinging the best though! After a couple minutes we go in, put our coats on our hooks, and start our jobs. Everyone has a different job to do for the classroom. Once we are done with those, we get to do puzzles!

After puzzles we pack our backpacks and head out the door and go home!  Mountain View School for Dogs is the best school ever!

Posted by KBufton  On May 27, 2018 at 1:40 PM 166 Comments

Why I Love Mountain View

-Alaina Jones

I love MVE. I love MVE because the teachers are kind, fun, helpful, and caring. I think the students at Mountain View are great too.  I have made many great life long friends. Mountain View is a 5 star school.

In my class we watch Mystery Doug, its one of my favorite weekly activities. I also like recess, art, PE, and world cultures. I love playing and learning with my friends. At the end of the year we get to pick our seats. I like that we get to do that.

I am excited for summer vacation, but will miss my Mountain View teachers and friends. I hope we get to see each other over the summer!

Posted by KBufton  On May 27, 2018 at 1:40 PM 68 Comments

"Mountain View is one of my Favorites..."
by Kyla T.
2nd grade

Mountain View is one of my favorite schools.  I like Mountain View because Mountain View has nice teachers.  Second grade is one of my favorite grades there because we do an ABC countdown and we have a lot of fun.  I also like Mountain View because we have a fun run, do jump rope for heart and have a games day.  It is also fun because we have paw parties and kids earn paw cards.  P.E. is one of my favorite classes at Mountain View.  Kids make a lot of friends.  One of my favorite paw parties is electronic game  party day!  We get to also do clay in art and we get to do painting.  World cultures is one of my favorite specials because because we get to learn Russian and different states.

Posted by KBufton  On May 27, 2018 at 1:40 PM 50 Comments

“I love coming to Mountain View each day”
by Trent D. 
2nd grade

In the classes at Mountain view you will learn math, reading, literacy writing, and a lot more. Every week at Mountain View you have a different Specials class. I like all my Specials teachers because they are nice and fun.  I also like all the different activities we do in the classes.  My favorite Special is P.E, because we play sports like soccer, dodge ball and running.  Some other fun activities at Mountain View during the year are the Fund Run, Book Fair and Games Day.  The Book Fair is where parents volunteer to set up books for us to look at and buy.  I love to read the Magic Tree House books.  In the Fund Run, you can run laps to raise money for the school.  Running is one of my favorite things to do.  After school there are also special activities called S.T.E.A.M that I like to do.  So far I have been in Sticky Fingers, Lego Club and Tech Ninjas.   My favorite S.T.E.A.M activity has been Tech Ninjas because I built a robot out of foam, soda caps and cups.  The robot walked across the table and floor.  I love coming to Mountain View each day!


Posted by KBufton  On May 11, 2018 at 3:38 PM 99 Comments