Student Blog
We challenged MVE students to write in a way they not normally be exposed - a BLOG!  Students were given a couple of constraints:

the topic had to be Mountain View,
their post had to be at least 6 sentences,
they had to delineate if it was fiction or non-fiction,
they had to complete the work on their own time,
had to meet a deadline!

The 2nd graders who post are all volunteers!  No matter their writing ability - they are challenging themselves both in a new creative arena as well as in time management.  1st graders who post were nominated by their teachers!  Check back each Friday (starting Friday Feb 16th, 2018) for our newest post.  You can also subscribe to our blog to get the new posts pushed to you automatically!  We hope you enjoy our STUDENT BLOG!

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February 2018 - Posts

"All About Teachers"
Trynity B.
First Grade

Mountain view teachers help kids learn and develop us into smart, happy and nice kids. The teachers here are cool and have great personalities.  Teachers are a very good thing to have and allow us to learn about so much.  We are so lucky to have world cultures as it is a unique class helping us better understand other ideas and people. All the teachers here are sweet especially Ms. Kastanek.  This is a very good school; I’m very glad I came here and I wish I never had to leave.
Thank you for coming to Mountain View, teachers.

Posted by KBufton  On Feb 23, 2018 at 2:27 PM 41 Comments

"I Love Mountain View"
by Cayden B
2nd grade 

I love Mountain View.  Our school, Mountain View, is fun!  If you come to Mountain View, you will learn more.  All of the specials are great.  My favorite special is World Cultures, because I can learn Russian.  All of the teachers are very nice. The three teachers that I like the best are Mrs. Horber because she is very nice, Mrs. Liedell because she was my favorite Kindergarten Teacher, and Mrs. DePas (Kastanek) because of "purple whale."  We passed "purple whale" around and told each other about our weekend.  Mountain View is a friendly school.  We will make you feel welcome!  Now you know all about Mountain View!

Posted by KBufton  On Feb 16, 2018 at 12:07 PM 59 Comments