Measures of Academic Performance (MAP) for Primary Grades

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MAP® for Primary Grades

Beginning learners enter school with a wide variety of educational experiences. Early identification of a student’s achievement level is essential for teachers establishing an environment for early academic success.

MAP for Primary Grades assessments meet this need by adapting to each student’s level. Resulting scores provide a highly accurate indication of a student’s instructional level and readiness. MAP for Primary Grades computerized adaptive assessments meet the unique needs of early learners by displaying interactive elements and providing audio for beginning readers. Audio is used throughout the MAP for Primary Grades tests to help beginning readers understand the tasks presented in the assessment questions. With the interactive elements, instead of selecting from a list of answers, the student is often able to use a mouse to perform an action.

MAP for Primary Grades is available in reading and mathematics. 

These assessments:
> Provide teachers with an e!cient way to assess achievement levels of early learners so they can spend more time teaching and less time administering individual diagnostic tests.

> Provide information to guide instruction during the early stages of a student’s academic career.

> Identify the needs of all primary grades students, from struggling to advanced learners. 

> Utilize engaging items that encourage student participation for more accurate results and increased motivation.

MAP for Primary Grades is specifically designed to 
reach early learners with interactive elements created 
specifically for this audience.