Weekly Homework

Homework: 1/16-1/19

*Please do not work ahead-the math lessons correlate to our classroom lesson.  **Be sure to check both sides of the lesson (many are 2-sided homework sheets).  A parent should review the homework sheets before they are turned in.

Monday: MLK Day- No School

Tuesday:  EDM Homelink 6-7 and study spelling words throughout the week.

Wednesday: EDM Homelink 6-8

Thursday:  EDM Homelink 6-9 *Field trip permission slip is due.

Friday:  Please staple (if possible) all homework and put into the blue homework folder.  *Spelling test today.

Reading Homework:  Your child should be reading a minimum of 15-20 minutes per night as part of his/her daily homework.  Any additional reading time will be beneficial to your child as a reader. A leveled book will be sent home for your child to practice; however, your child may select other books from home/library to supplement this reading. 
A book log is part of the daily homework, and students need to record their nightly reading. The book bag should be returned on Friday, unless otherwise noted or we don't have school on Friday (and then it is returned on Thursday).