World Cultures & Russian Language

First graders travel around the world...
Posted on 12/16/2017
Students check out items from China

First Grade World Cultures is also running in parallel with First Grade Classrooms’ “Countries Around the World.”  In W.C. we are exploring China, India and Russia.  During our China unit, a parent who recently returned allowed us to borrow Chinese everyday items - chopsticks, a purse, a fan, money, and candy so each student had the ability to touch, smell, see and hear how things are different AND the same as in China.  She also took some pictures of everyday life and the students were able to see pictures of Chinese breakfast, school, city streets and toilets :)  (The kids LOVED that one!)  Also, during our study of China, students got to TASTE candy and/or seaweed from China!  They also got to experience Jasmine Tea.  You will have to ask your child their OPINION of the food/drink they tasted.  During our India unit, students got to see art, and everyday items from India!  As well, they got to try some YOGA!  Ask them what their favorite pose was!  Russia took us a couple weeks - we made “metroyshke” (Russian Nesting Dolls), as well as learned about “Dadya Moroz” (Father Frost) and how Christmas and the New Year are celebrated in Russia!