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Kindergarten Art Classes
Posted on 12/16/2017
Kindies in Art

Kindergarten Art Class is having a blast learning how to draw seeing lines and shapes in objects like an artist. The first part of the year I focus on teaching students how to draw and paint. This helps students build up the confidence for the years to come. Kindergarteners aren’t afraid to make mistakes! We also don’t just stay at the art tables. Students have learned how to travel in my room with their chairs and draw while on our tummies. For our reindeer project students started at their desk and as a class we did follow along. We discussed and described the lines and the shapes that we saw in the reindeer picture. Then as a class we did follow along reindeer in our sketchbooks. Follow along means that students watch me draw a step and then they try to draw a similar step all on their own. All students drawings are very different even during follow along because each student adds their own ideas and personality to their artwork throughout my direction time. While drawing we discussed the differences and similarities between a reindeer, a deer, and elk. For students final reindeer drawing, students learned how do crayon resistant. Crayon resistant is where students draw with a crayon, then paint with watercolors over the crayon. Students were very excited to see how snowflakes appeared using this new technique. They lit up some even scream in excitement when seeing their drawings appear!