"Why I Love Mountain View!" by Alaina J, 2nd Grade 

Why I Love Mountain View

-Alaina Jones

I love MVE. I love MVE because the teachers are kind, fun, helpful, and caring. I think the students at Mountain View are great too.  I have made many great life long friends. Mountain View is a 5 star school.

In my class we watch Mystery Doug, its one of my favorite weekly activities. I also like recess, art, PE, and world cultures. I love playing and learning with my friends. At the end of the year we get to pick our seats. I like that we get to do that.

I am excited for summer vacation, but will miss my Mountain View teachers and friends. I hope we get to see each other over the summer!

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its one of my most loved week after week exercises. I likewise like break, craftsmanship, PE, and world societies. I adore playing and learning with my companions. Toward the finish of the year we get the chance to pick our seats. I like that we get the chance.  
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