"Mountain View School For Dogs" by Abbey R. 

A Typical Day at the Mountain View School for Dogs

By: Abbey R.

Hi everyone! I’m Abbey, a 7-year-old Husky. I go to Mountain View School for Dogs and I love it! A typical day begins with Ms. Rudy, my teacher, welcoming us to the classroom. She teaches us lots of tricks and ways to behave. I have lots of friends in my class! My best friends are Peanut, a black lab, and Lulu, a yellow lab. Everyone in the class gets along and are friends!

We go to PE in the morning. There, Mr. Bull and Mrs. Bull, English Bulldogs, teach us valuable exercises. We run and jump and play lots of fun games!

Then it is time to line up and head back to the classroom. We have work time and practice tricks! Then it’s time for lunch. After lunch we go to recess where we are free to run all over the playground! Sometimes I swing for the whole recess! Other times I play soccer. I like swinging the best though! After a couple minutes we go in, put our coats on our hooks, and start our jobs. Everyone has a different job to do for the classroom. Once we are done with those, we get to do puzzles!

After puzzles we pack our backpacks and head out the door and go home!  Mountain View School for Dogs is the best school ever!

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A regular day starts off evolved with Ms. Rudy, my teacher, welcoming us to the school room. She teaches us plenty of hints and methods to act. i have lots of pals in my magnificence! My quality friends are Peanut, a black lab, and Lulu, a yellow lab. all of us in the magnificence gets along and are buddies.   
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I think the school alone cannot take complete responsibility. We all are exposed to the really horrible teachers who cannot put together a grammatically correct sentence to save their lives yet they teach English.   
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A typical day begins with Ms. Rudy, my teacher, and welcomes us to the classroom. She teaches us many skills and behaviors. I have many friends in my class! My best friends are peanuts, a black lab, and Lulu, a yellow lab.  
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