"Like, Love, Could Be Better" a Poem by Jack K. 1st grade 

By Jack K.           Like, Love, Could be better

Like: What I like about Mountain View Elementary School is lunch, carpool, and music.           Love: What I love about Mountain View Elementary School is BASE, math, PDL, social studies, specials, the teachers, tech, and tests.    Could be better: What could be better is lunch and carpool.

I like lunch because we can eat. I like carpool because we get to go home. I like music because we get to sing.  

I love to go to BASE because I can play with Mrs. Brooklyn. I love math because I get to learn. I love PDL because I get to learn. I love social studies because I get to learn. I love specials because I get to do fun stuff. I love the teachers because they are nice. I love tech because I get to learn how to work a computer. I love tests because it makes a great challenge.

I think lunch could be better if we had a little bit more time to eat lunch. I think carpool could be better if everybody in the gym would be quiet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

My favorite food to eat at lunch is bosco sticks. My favorite thing to do at music is to play drums. My favorite thing to do at carpool is to sit next to my friend Jaxson.

My favorite thing to do at BASE is to play Battle Ship. My favorite thing to do in math is to learn addition. My favorite thing to do in PDL is to research. My favorite thing to do in social studies is to do cool activities. My favorite thing to do at specials is to learn new things. My favorite thing about the teachers is that they help us learn. My favorite thing to do at tech is to learn how to work a computer. My favorite thing to do in tests is to do my best.

My 2nd favorite thing about lunch is that you get to finish it. My 2nd favorite thing about carpool is that I get to see my dad.

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