"My School with Unicorns!" by Eliana J. 2nd Grade 

My Wonderful School

By Eliana J.

Once upon a time there was a school and this was no ordinary school  it was a school with Unicorns! The unicorns princess her name was princess Penelope. All the unicorns loved her and treated her like their master. One day when Penelope was feeding the unicorns a meteorite  hit the school. Now they lived near the Equator, so it was normal for the meteorite to hit because it was the closest place to outer space. “Ya, Ya!!”, said Penelope. Everyone was safe soon and they all built a new school. It was glorious and they named it Mountain View Elementary. At MVE, there was even a stall for all the unicorns!!   Later, they moved the Mountain View Elementary to Australia, so they would not have anymore meteorites. Two days later Penelope became queen, they had a ceremony and had a great day. Sadly, four years later she passed away in a war in 1822. Two weeks later they got a new queen her name was Queen Isabella. The unicorns got used to her and had a great time.She made great laws like eat cotton candy whenever you want! Now... HOW COOL IS THAT!!! Their school was very fun, so were the teachers. Everything was great until… WAR AGAIN! This war started in 1824. Good thing they won. And guess what? They found the same man who shot Queen Penelope! He was put to… DEATH! There was no more war! Yippee! Said everyone they had a great time they sang,they danced, they even had cake! They were glad they had won war and deep in their hearts they could hear Penelope saying, “Good job, you did great!” Even now you can see the unicorns dancing happily ever after at Mountain View Elementary.


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