A Day at Mountain View by Cam C. 2nd Grade 

Hi, my name is Cam.
And I'm going to tell you about one of my school days.

When I got to my class room I unstacked my chair. Then I got out my super skills and did two pages. When I finished my super skills I sat at my seat until we went to P.E. The thing I love about P.E is my teacher is really funny. And  he sometimes let's us play whatever we vote on. When we were in P.E we were playing basketball working on drills. After, we did basketball drills we played red light green light with basketballs. Then we played normal red light green light. Then, we lined up to go back to class. When I got back class we started writing. After, writing we went to lunch. After, lunch we went out to recess. I played basketball. After, recess we went inside to do literacy centers. My favorite center is book club. Only my  group does book club because I'm in the highest reading group. After, centers we went out to second recess. My recess is about ten minutes. When the whistle blew we lined up. Our door holder opened the door. When we got inside we did math. After, math we did PDL for 30 minutes. After, PDL we packed up and went home. That's one of my days at Mountain View Elementary.

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Your blog reminded me about my school times. Even we loved our PE teacher as he always encouraged us to take part in outdoor activities and helped us so much. You have a very nice PE teacher and that 's the reason you are able to explore fully.  
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I have gone through the experiences that you have shared here about a day at the Mountain View Elementary School. It was so interesting to go it with the eyes of a second grader. Very nicely described it here and keep up the good work.  
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It was so interesting that a child was describing his one day in school. I have gone through it and it was good to see that each and everything was mentioned here. Such kind of updates really helps to get an impression of the school.  
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