"I Love Mountain View" by Cayden B. 2nd Grade 

"I Love Mountain View"
by Cayden B
2nd grade 

I love Mountain View.  Our school, Mountain View, is fun!  If you come to Mountain View, you will learn more.  All of the specials are great.  My favorite special is World Cultures, because I can learn Russian.  All of the teachers are very nice. The three teachers that I like the best are Mrs. Horber because she is very nice, Mrs. Liedell because she was my favorite Kindergarten Teacher, and Mrs. DePas (Kastanek) because of "purple whale."  We passed "purple whale" around and told each other about our weekend.  Mountain View is a friendly school.  We will make you feel welcome!  Now you know all about Mountain View!

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I used to live in Mountain View. It's an awesome city with access to all the major thruways you could require. At that point there's all the considerable living like royalty alternatives on Castro. There is basically nothing to do other than some shopping yet this gets old quickly.The climate is somewhat chilly for my loving and it's quite often shady.  
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